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Our Story

Started centuries ago in the heart of Slovenia...

Six generations of hardworking family carefully cultivated this land in the heart of the Škofja Loka hills under the shelter of Ermanovec. Despite the hard work that was needed to survive, their days were filled with the beauty of nature with a view from east to west, from the snowy and sunny peaks of Kočna, Grintovec, Krvavec in the distance, to the mighty Blegoš in the west.

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The beauty of nature has retained its power to this day. The inviting peace welcomes you into its arms and offers opportunities for hiking, cycling, visiting the hills and energy vortexes nearby.


Peace and unspoiled beauty of the nature offer you many possibilities and opportunities for you to connect to yourself on a deeper level, to step out of the noisy world we live in. As if it's calling you to stop, calm down, to look inside yourself.

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Today's young owner of the Healing Farm, Martina followed her call and opened the place for people from all over the world to feel it.


Healing Farm offers accommodation options for families, individuals and groups in cozy apartments. The large log cabin by the house additionally offers opportunities for meetings, workshops.

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Beautiful nature, clean environment, distanced from the noisy city life invite you to regenerate, organize thoughts and recharge with the power to overcome challenges in everyday life.


Those who seek the connection with nature, find the connection to themselves too.

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