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Therapies and retreats at Healing Farm

Exploring the roots of our captivity and the healing of our soul through nature, channeling, and a connection with God,

I grew up on a mountain farm where nature and animals were my almost sole companions during childhood. Farming conditions here were not particularly favorable, and from an early age, I felt that I would stay on the farm and transform it into a place for tourism.

During the transition from farming to tourism, a gift unfolded for me - the ability to channel and connect with the source - God. It took me some time to overcome feelings of inferiority, imposter syndrome manifesting as "who are you to think you can see this truth without a diploma, certificates or education, ...".

But today, here I am, walking the path of my mission, which is unique, special, and precious.

How can I assist with my gift?

I am granted the ability to see into the human subconscious and recognize the source, the roots of our problems stemming from past lives or childhood. What is meant and necessary for a person to recognize, become aware of, and understand why difficult things and various entanglements happen to them. The cause always lies in the past, and when we become aware of it, we can forgive and let go. That's when we liberate ourselves.

The channel through which I operate is dedicated to healing wounds, traumas, resentments, hatred, curses, pre-incarnation soul agreements, spells, connection with the deceased or the living, cutting ethereal ties with ancestors, partners, and their connections.

All of this can have a significant impact on well-being and the experience of the present moment, manifesting through depression, dependencies, toxic relationships, aggression, dissatisfaction, failure, ...

We are here to grow, progress, and mature through challenges. Everything that happens to us has a specific purpose, teaching us to accept ourselves and love ourselves. Once we learn to love ourselves, we will know how to love other people, animals, nature, the planet, and everything that exists.

How do therapy sessions and retreats look and feel like?

Therapy sessions and retreats can be attended by individuals, couples or families. A two-day stay in an apartment, preferably in silence without a phone, alone with oneself is recommended.

After the arrival we go for a walk into the forest. There we connect with nature, feel the energy, release the tension from our body and soften mental blockages by breathing fresh air. We pause at specific healing energy points, where we cleanse and recharge. A safe environment is created for you through the energy of the forest and conversations.

Fears and ego begin to calm down; you become more open and receptive to inner soul truth. Then comes rest, where suppressed things slowly start opening up to you. The next day is the day of the therapy - soul truth.

Through conversation, I tap into a person's energy and tell them what I perceive. I am guided all the time, in the channel, and I ask what is in your highest good at that moment. Healing follows the intention setting. I close my eyes, observe what I see and speak to you as I go along. I collaborate with God's energy, which ultimately heals the source and clears remnants from your energy field. Changes are felt from the inside out. For example, if you felt hatred towards someone, after therapy, you will instantly feel a change coming from the heart, not the head, which usually told you "you must not feel hatred."

After the therapy, you rest, cleanse, ground, and nurture yourself.

Therapies can be:

  • Individual

  • For couples

  • For families

To schedule a session, a retreat therapy, you can contact me through the contacts written below.

With love,

Martina Obed

+386 40 354 348


Or reach out to me via WhatsApp!

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