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Superiority => humility

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Example: "I'm so good and successful, I make a lot of money because I work so hard. And he's so incompetent and lazy that he doesn't even have money for a better car."

What is hidden in the depths of a person that feels this way?

Probably the lack of self-love and acceptance of oneself.

Because (s)he is not accepted, the feeling of standing on a pedestal gives him/her a false feeling that (s)he is somehow better than others. (S)he praises himself/herself and expects praise from others. If (s)he doesn't get them, (s)he becomes angry - offended and even revengeful.

Transition to humility is a natural remedy. With compassion that we offer, we help a fellow human being when the opportunity presents itself. We are not above anyone in humility, we are aware that there is no difference between us and that we are here to help, cooperate and respect each other 🙏💙🙏.

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