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If you think it's too difficult and impossible... then you're believing your own lie

The mind operates based on past experiences, logic, and reasoning.

When the fears of certain experiences or stories heard from people are suppressed within us, we can feel heaviness, tension, restlessness, irritability, anger, sadness in our bodies.

By paying attention to our own feelings, we can recognize and acknowledge all these emotions.

Often, defense mechanisms are triggered in the form of fear and the clever ego. It tells us that we can't just resolve this because it wants to protect us from feeling these emotions. If we are weak and too influenced by fear, we will suppress these emotions into the subconscious, where we won't feel them as strongly, and escape into work, the phone, socializing, or food.

Who says you can't do it?

You, to yourself. This is not the truth but rather the ego's mechanism resisting change, resisting letting go of control, resisting giving up control over your life.

All the power and wisdom are already within you, and right now, is your entry point for a conscious choice and decision.

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