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Nature heals

Why is the connection with oneself so important?

When we feel, that's when we know what we want, where our boundaries are, and we have full energy, and we're active. The challenges that come our way are easier to overcome...

When we're aligned, we're in love, we're at home, we're with God.

The most natural and powerful way to relax and connect with ourselves is NATURE.

Nature is our life, our healer, mother, supporter, and teacher.

The greater our heartfelt love for it, the better we care for it, the more gratitude we feel, and consequently, it returns everything to us.

We are nature, we are connected to it, we are one. Let's remember this and rekindle our connection with her.

Today, tomorrow,... is an opportunity to go to the forest, feel it, connect with it, surrender to healing, cleansing, and rejuvenation, and make your life more beautiful.

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