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From pain to love, from our mind to our heart

Where does our suffering originate?

It starts in our mind. That's where stories unfold, sometimes like novels. Filled with various desires, fantasies, and ideas about how things should be.

What if it doesn't go as we've written the script?

We can be disappointed or angry, act like a stubborn child, lose our will and give up, surrender. We maybe even write a new script, because this one must succeed.

Or we can simply ACCEPT.


We need to have a conversation with our mind.

1. First, we need to REALIZE that the script we've written isn't helping us, isn't supporting us because the energy doesn't flow as it should for our highest good.

2. Then, we can finally DECIDE to LET IT GO.

3. And then, shift our attention from our mind to our heart, because there is peace, there is love, and there is everything we need.

Farewell to the old and welcome to the new.

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