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People and difficulties are our treasure


Life is constantly changing. What was ten years ago will never be here again; there's no constant, as much as we might wish for one. Everything has a certain "expiration date," which is normal. Nothing is inherently good or bad. It just is.

Through trials, we learn wisdom. Some say that when it's hard, we believe so strongly in that heaviness, that pain, that injustice.

I don't believe in injustice.

We get so "caught up" in it that we can't step out, and what's interesting is that we don't even want to. Why do we hold on to the pain so strongly? I've come to realize that, just like we can be addicted to our phones, we can be addicted to the feeling that life is hard, that we're unfortunate, that we can't do it on our own.

This dependence is hidden, and only when we're ready to admit what we're doing, only then the change can begin.

I see that this role not only spoils our moments but also takes away our OWN POWER, our CONFIDENCE.

When we feel powerless and lack self-worth, we automatically seek someone to submit to, to hand over our steering wheel, expecting them to lead us, guide us, and act on our behalf.

We soon realize that no one can lead our lives as well as we can for ourselves.

Freedom lies in the awareness that life unfolds according to a precise Divine plan with a purpose. That all the power is within us in which we trust and surrender to.

Today, I live for myself, and that is the greatest gift.

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