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It is a very difficult challenge for everyone that's involved in a situation.

We often try to point our finger to one that's guilty, and we play a victim, until we admit that we're jealous and we accept, embrace it as a feeling. Only then, the salvation is possible.

A person who is jealous will always find fault in his partner. Sometimes, we go to extremes and make up stories in our minds about what our partner is doing, but none of that is true.

What is going on in the depths of a jealous person?

Such a person carries within a strong possessiveness, authority, the need for control.

Jealousy is something we are born with, and when the right time comes it wakes up in us.

In the person's past life, (s)he went through various trials, for example: (s)he was happy in a relationship, loving, faithful ... and his/her partner cheated on him/her. This is where the trauma occurred, which was stored in cellular memory. There was resentment, maybe even hatred and revenge.

This person has brought all of this into the present life, where he acts out of a wound, resentment, hatred, or even revenge. The more these negative emotions are in the subconscious, the harder it is to process the jealousy.

"Victim" is definitely not here by a chance ... the story of jealousy is a lesson for everyone that's involved and teaches them forgiveness, trust and allowing others the freedom of life. 💞

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