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Powerlessness - the victim archetype

Nothing happens by chance and the truth is, we are not treated unjustly. Every challenge that comes our way has a specific purpose. It teaches us to let go of or change something (old beliefs, behaviors, way of thinking, relationships, habits...).

It becomes difficult and exhausting when we begin to resist change. We resist because:

  • we are afraid of the future

  • we don't trust ourselves or life

  • we cannot find the strength, will, or motivation within ourselves

  • we are not ready to accept our own responsibility and try to pass it on to someone else

  • we prefer to stay in our comfort zone, even if it's not easy, it's "for survival"...

In reality, we are NOT "poor and powerless". It's just our perception that we are (either to gain someone's sympathy and energy, or because we don't trust ourselves and life enough).

What is important is our ACTION. With our energy, will, and trust, we can free ourselves from the role of a victim and realize and start living our own power from within ourselves.

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