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We can change everything about ourselves

What bothers us about ourselves, we often don't know or recognize in ourselves, but notice in others. Every habit, addiction, belief, way of acting and thinking can be changed. Nothing is forever and conscious decision is the key.

We can always only change ourselves and not others. Our life is our responsibility and duty to act towards the world and ourselves. It is not difficult to change ourselves. Everything is possible. However, some patterns are stubborn and don't change quickly. It takes more perseverance, willpower, and trust.

The key to change is always within us, in our subconscious. The roots of why we act, think, and feel a certain way are stored there. With peace and attention, we dive deep into our soul and ask questions. When we find an answer, our mind will likely say, "That's not true." At this critical point, trust in the first piece of information we received is the most important thing. It's the right one, regardless of whether the mind rejects it.

Then comes the release, forgiveness, and trust that we have removed toxicity from our program.

We then bring in a new program into that empty space and trust it.

It works as much as we are capable of trusting it.

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